Who’s the Red Face in the Workout Place?…

A few weeks back, I wrote a post about why I’ve been afraid to work out in a gym or in front of others nearly my whole life. I failed to mention this other HUGE reason that I find it so difficult…as if the polyester gym shorts in highschool weren’t enough to ruin me for the rest of eternity!!

You see, any time I exert myself in any way, I get extremely red faced!! Down through my life I’ve had people tell me it’s because I’m out of shape. And, as much as this should have been a motivator for me or a reason to keep at it and get more fit, it only made me want to run and hide!

I just have never worked well with others…or should I say, worked OUT well with others! All my flaws just stand out for everyone to see, starting with my extreme red face! There’s no hiding it or covering it up! It’s literally caused people to be genuinely concerned for me…asking if I’m okay or do I need to sit down! I’m not 90, for heaven’s sake!! Nothing like attracting unwanted and unnecessary attention when I just want to blend in and do my thing!

All around me, it feels like people are working out harder than me and making it look as easy as fixing themselves their morning cup of coffee.

My husband, bless his heart, tries to make me less uncomfortable by telling me that he’s light-skinned and just as red in the face as me. But, despite his best efforts, his “red” face just does not rival mine. Poor guy 😉😂

So, if you’re like me and get red faced over the slightest workout, it’s probably normal! Skin tone has a lot to do with it. Your heart rate is also a factor. Know what the normal heart rates are for the activities you want to do and then check to make sure you’re in normal range.

For me, I’ve had physicals and my heart is strong! When I’m doing cardio, my heart is right on track! I’ve learned to accept that my red face is just how I am. I can’t say I love this about myself but I’m learning to embrace all that is uniquely me on this journey called life. And, I desire to help anyone else that I can along the way!

So, what’s keeping you from working out with others or around others? Being around people that are working just as hard to achieve their fitness goals can be so encouraging! Don’t allow red faces or sweat or not knowing how to work equipment or your lack of being fit or your size to deter you from your personal goals!

You CAN do this!!

Here’s my before and after picture:



2 thoughts on “Who’s the Red Face in the Workout Place?…

  1. Cheryl Kemp says:

    I get the same way Michelle. I too have had people think I was having trouble. Mine is related to getting overheated quickly with not much effort. Why, I don’t know. I still do work out twice a week with a trainer but at a moderate pace. Plus I do water aerobics twice a week. I don’t tend to have the issue in the water. I can exercise and still keep my body temperature under control.


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