My name’s Michelle and that handsome guy in the picture next to me was the man of my dreams!  We tied the knot when we were just 17 & 21 and we were both pretty sure no one ever would have thought we’d make it, let alone be head over heels for each other after all these years!!  God gifted us with 4 amazing children who I had the unbelievable privilege of homeschooling for 17 years.  We had so many dreams and the first of our children (our second daughter) was engaged to be married.

My husband and I planted a church in our community in 2015.  It proved to be the adventure of our family’s lives! We were able to come together as a family along with an amazing team of people to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community!  Life had NEVER been better!

Then, just 26 days before my 24 year anniversary, my sweet man went in for an abdominal surgery.  Four days later, we found ourselves having to say goodbye, as he took his last breath here and his first breath in Heaven, in the presence of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

I’ve learned a lot over these past 24 years of marriage.  Join me in reflecting on the memories and looking to Jesus as He continues my story…

Below is our family’s last picture taken together…

last family photo


God completely blew me away by bringing another wonderful man into my life to love and be loved by!  Around the 6 month mark of my grief journey, I began to say these words, “I don’t know if God has someone for me or not.  If not, I choose to make peace with that each day.  BUT…I KNOW I can strike gold twice!”  And, I did … BECAUSE … NOTHING is too hard for God!  We were married January 1, 2019.  I am still journeying through grief, because a new husband doesn’t take away the pain of losing my first husband.  I have also added 3 new blessings in my life and am learning how to be the best bonus mom I can be!  And, I have 2 new son in laws and 2 grand babies on the way!!  Yippee!!  “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain!”


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