November 13, 2017, my life, as I had known it for 25 years, came to an abrupt end. The timeline was forever marked by a before and an after. On that day, my husband, my highschool sweetheart and my one and only love, went home to be with Jesus. Anyone who has ever suffered such a tragedy knows how you aren’t sure you’ll be able to go on without them.

We had been together for 25 years and were 3 weeks from our 24 year anniversary. We had 4 beautiful children and one engaged to be married.

This blog was created out of my pain but has followed me as I’ve journeyed from the depths of my grief to moving forward in living to finding new love.

I have mostly written on grief and pain and that new love. But, Seeing In Full Color has become so much more to me than just my loss. It’s also about seeing all of life with new eyes and new hues of color!

I’d love for you to join me on life’s journey as I continue to write about grief, widowhood, and pain, but also food and travel and working out and anything else I can think of that sparks my interest! The world is my playground and I love to write and explore thoughts and feelings and challenge others to live out their calling to the best of their ability!

In the 2.5 years since the inception of this blog, I have remarried an amazing, God sent man that loves me and my children better than I could have ever hoped for! And, he doesn’t just “put up” with my grief and love for my first husband, but encourages it! Our family has also grown by adding two wonderful son in laws and 2 beautiful grandchildren who I adore! Life can indeed change in a blink of an eye, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. We just have to hang on to Jesus through the storm and trust Him to carry us through! He is so faithful!

I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey!

~ Michelle

Below is our family’s last picture taken together…

last family photo

This is my new family without my bonus kiddos

And me and my new husband on our 1st year anniversary