Spoiled in Cincinnati…

You know you’re spoiled when you get to your vacation destination that you’ve been anticipating for months, only to find that the food choices are nowhere near what you’re accustomed to back home!

Jorel and I came to this final conclusion on our summer cruise in 2019. Neither of us had ever been on one before. Our hopes were high and our palates eagerly anticipating the food awaiting us! This seems to be one of the most boasted topics on cruise sites and we couldn’t wait!

Please don’t misunderstand me…I’m in no way trying to be a complainer or ungrateful! It was just a fact that has continued to become more clear with each getaway, from our cruise to Gatlinburg to Myrtle Beach to Disneyworld. We have come to the conclusion that we are spoiled in Cincinnati. And, although we did have some “good” food on our cruise or while visiting other places on our getaways, we have found, “there’s no place like home”.

Cincinnati just has so many options! And not just for different types of food, as if that isn’t enough, but really yummy food!

Everyone has their personal favorites. But I’ve decided to highlight a few of mine today for you, just in case you’d like to explore our amazing city sometime!

First off, sushi. I love sushi but had no idea quite how much until my husband introduced me to his favorite sushi place in downtown Cincinnati. Mr Sushi is the name of the place and we love to go in the evenings when they have all sushi half price after 4pm, making it even better! And, Sirchin (?spelling), making our sushi, is a really great guy that Jorel loves to say hi to and catch up with briefly, before we head out. After having Mr. Sushi, other sushi places just pale in comparison!

Next stop, Pendleton Parlor! Typically we head straight there after sushi since it’s pretty close, but they also have a second shop in Milford if that makes it more convenient. And, in case you’re thinking, “Oooo…sushi and ice cream don’t go together!”…let me remind you that it went together just fine in the Cars movie when Mater ate the “pistachio ice cream” <insert laughter>! Seriously though, by the time you drive there, you’ll be ready for this one of a kind dessert. The edible cookie dough is my personal favorite! It is AH-mazing and allows me to indulge without the worry of getting sick afterward…not that I’ve ever really let that stop me before (sshhh…don’t tell my mom)!!! Our other personal favorite is the Java Whip. With a coffee mocha flavor that’s not overpowering, it’s one of the smoothest drinks anywhere! The atmosphere is clean and bright with a larger than life size Transformer waiting to greet you at the door the second you walk in. The owner has filled his shops with all kinds of quirky finds, making it a one of a kind place that the whole family will enjoy!

Another favorite for Jorel and myself is Sleepy Bee Cafe. We like to visit the one in Oakley, but they have a couple spots to pick from. The atmosphere is hip, clean, bright, and kid friendly! They literally provide neat books you can read to your kiddos while you’re waiting on your organic, gluten free, healthy food to come out of the kitchen. And, frankly, I love their bee logo! It’s just so cute! They sell onsies for the littles and t-shirts for the grown-ups with those cute little bees on them and it brightens up the cafe! Speaking of which, I probably need to snag a couple onsies for my grandbabies next time ☺️

Last stop for now, is the Taste of Belgium. For anyone who has been there, the chicken and waffle is basically what they’re known for. If you aren’t sure if you want sweet or savory, this dish provides both on the same plate with syrup and hot sauce combined with a sweet waffle and fried chicken! The combination did not sound appealing to me originally, but once I gave in and took one bite, I was finally able to see what all the hype was about! You just have to go and try it yourself! However, the dish that has seized my taste buds and has kept me coming back ordering the same thing over and over, is their Strawberries and cream waffle. My eyes are always too big for my head and I am characterized for ordering 2, but only being able to eat 1 and maybe a quarter, if my stomach will allow. I keep telling Jorel to remind me to only order 1 the next time we go, but so far, I haven’t been a very good listener 😜 And, if you visit the location down by the Ohio River, it’s a quick walk to the Ohio River Trail, next to the banks, where you and your family can walk and play and have beautiful backdrops for those pictures you’ve been meaning to take but haven’t made the time for! Their OTR location also offers lots of other great restaurants nearby to try out as well. But, I’ll save that for another blog 😉

Cincinnati has so much available and attracts people of every kind and walk of life, one of them being “foodies”… like me, and I haven’t even touched on some of the faves they’re known for, like Skyline and Graeters! So, go out and explore this great place of ours and let me know what wonderful things you find along the way!

Happy eating! ~ Michelle


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