…in a Hurricane ;-)

Yesterday, as I was on my return trip home via the Pennsylvania Turnpike through a downpour, the Lord brought several thoughts to my mind.

I realized my tires don’t do very well in heavy rain.  The Turnpike was not the place I wanted to figure this out!  The only thing that kept my tires holding to the road was God and a conservative 35-40 mph speed.  As everyone else was flying past me without a care in the world at 65-70 mph, I was thinking, “why can’t my car/tires do what there’s can do?  I need better tires apparently.”  Not that I have bad tires…some of them are brand new…they just aren’t the ones that can go that speed in a mini hurricane 😉

In the moment, my wishing for something better wasn’t accomplishing anything!  So, I prayed!  I relaxed my face.  And, I embraced the “suck”…or “yuck” for those of you that don’t like that word 😉  Past life experiences have taught me that the “rain” NEVER lasts forever!  But, God is with us in the rain!  And I realized in that moment that I can’t keep my eye on everyone around me who seems to be floating through life without a care in the world!  I must pay very careful attention to the “road”/God and keep both hands on the “wheel”/my faith and stay calm.  Because, it doesn’t matter how bad I want to find an escape, the only way is to go through the rain.

The second thing I noticed is that as soon as the tsunami 😉 stopped, I was smooth sailing without a care in the world!  Big sigh of relief!!… until I hit a GIGANTIC pothole! I mean, the kind that make you worry you’re going to have a blowout on the road!  Again, I prayed!  “Why didn’t a buy Triple AAA????”  Sigh…”well, God, it’s just You and me.  I am choosing to trust you, even when I drop the ball and don’t do the things I probably ‘should’ do.”

And, even when I “feel” sometimes like my situation may be getting worse and worse, I still have to stand on what I KNOW…that NOTHING lasts forever!  God IS with me!  He will NEVER leave me!!  Sunshine IS coming!!

Lord, thank You for being with me in the rain and in the sunshine.  And, help me to never get too comfortable with what I think I can manage on my own 😉

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