What Makes us Blessed?…

I’ve been contemplating a thought for a while now. I do a lot of reading, listening, and thinking. I have no idea where or what triggered this thought, so I can’t give credit for that, but the idea is on being blessed. We throw that word/phrase around a lot! We say we are blessed because of the amazing husband we have, children, house, cars, job, stuff, vacations we can take, etc, etc. What about when we lose those things?? I think it creates a mindset that we aren’t blessed if we don’t have these things. An entitlement mindset…”I must be blessed because I have these things, therefore I must be doing something right”. Then when we lose these most precious things, our first thought very often can be “what did I do wrong?” Or, “why would God do this to me? I try to be a “good” person?”.

We have this so so backwards and wrong! We aren’t blessed because of any of those things! True blessing comes from knowing the God of the universe! He’s the Only One that never leaves us or forsakes us! He’s the Only One I can stake my entire life on!! Then WHEN the storms of life come, because they will, we aren’t left trying to figure out what we did or where God went. True blessing is being on the path God had in mind for you to be on from the moment you were conceived! Jeremiah 29:11.

So, rather than focus on what we don’t have, focus on Jesus! Are you on the path He set out for you? If so, be thankful!! You are truly blessed! If not, why? What’s keeping you from the path He so lovingly set out for you? I want to be truly blessed! I don’t want to be the one standing in my own way of being blessed! I want to keep my hand open for God to give and take away, knowing He knows what’s best for me, All. The. Time!

One thought on “What Makes us Blessed?…

  1. WENDY says:

    Thank you for this. I have felt this way. After my husband did not receive his earthly healing I felt, God, why have you removed my greatest blessing from me? The love of my life? We have both served you faithfully for 40+ years. You knew the pain this would cause. I would never have allowed this pain on my daughters if I had the power to stop it.

    I have had to step back and be still and know He is God.


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